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Monday, April 24, 2006

The LJ's

Likwit Junkies (2005) The LJ`s
This is another cool album from '05 that I think nobody listened to it.. It's not excelent, but it's good, got some great songs.! (Oh... and another thing... I noticed that the beat from Ghostface's "Back Like That" is the same one used on track 13 "Ghetto")

1. Intro
2. LJ's Anthem feat. Noelle
3. One Day Away
4. The Hop
5. Salute
6. Change
7. Strength In Numbers feat. Phil The Agony, Evidence
8. The Good Green feat. Dodee Westbeach
9. Keep Doin'It
10. One Time feat. Krondon, Planet Asia
11. D.G.Skit
12. 6 In The Morning
13. Ghetto feat. Noelle
14. S.C.A.N.S.
15. Dark Ends feat. Rakaa Iriscience
16. Dreamgirl feat. Dodee Westbeach
17. Brother
18. The Interview


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sweeet been looking for this liks + beat junkies combo

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