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Sunday, June 14, 2009

State Of The Art

(becausa bad-ass album covers like this is what Hip-Hop is missing)

Hilltop Hoods [2009] State Of The Art

And they did it again! Autrialian group Hilltop Hoods releases another potential album of the year. Veteran MCs Suffa and Pressure & DJ Debris. The beats are good as usual and the chemistry between the group is always present. If you've heard any of the group's previous albums you know what to expect.. if you haven't then prepare to be suprised.

01. The Return
02. Super Official
03. Chase That Feeling
04. She’s So Ugly
05. Still Standing
06. Classic Example Feat. Pharoahe Monch
07. Chris Farley
08. The Light You Burned Feat. Trials
09. Parade Of The Dead
10. Last Confession
11. Hillatoppa
12. Fifty In Five
13. State Of The Art (Bonus Track)


dirk dillenger said...

good lookin but the link leads to a 0kb txt file. please fix!

dirk dillenger said...

so sorrry and stoned...haha just figured out how y'all roll with the links

Rap Music said...

I only liked HillaToppa.

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