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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Y Society still killing it

Ok first of all, watch this video, it's amazing, and after 3.50min you'll be blown away.

Remember Y Society? I posted their album in 2007 and it was amazing then, and guess what? They haven't blown up yet and are still amazing now. They have released a Free online EP with only 3 tracks, one of them is from the video above:

1. Same Beat (Damu Vocal Version)
2. Same Beat Live Freestyle - Y Society feat. Breeze (at WKCR FM)
3. This Advice - Y Society

And if you've seen the video, I don't even need to tell why you should download it NOW here.

More info about it here.


Strategy786 said...


Aasem said...

yo man, sick lookin' out.

love this blog

ariel said...

Y Society has always been hooking us up with quality hip-hop.

Rap Music said...

Video was good, but the song sucked. Also, nice beat.

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Music Promotion said...

Was a good video, I'll check the download...

Anonymous said...

Rap Music you suck dick, that shit was fresh.

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