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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Shadows Of The Sun

Brother Ali (2003) Shadows Of The Sun

Brother Ali, your favourite albino MC and one of the best to ever touch the mic, mark my words, this guy has potential to become one of the GOAT. This is his second album and it was produced entirely by Ant of Atmosphere. The album received almost unanimous critical acclaim.

1. Room With A View
2. Champion
3. Star Quality
4. Prince Charming
5. Win Some Lose Some
6. Pay Them Back
7. Blah Blah Blah (feat. Slug)
8. Shadows On The Sun
9. Prelude
10. Forest Whitiker
11. Bitchslap!
12. Back Stage Pacin'
13. When The Beat Comes In
14. Missing Teeth (feat. Slug)
15. Dorian
16. Soul Whisper
17. Picket Fence
18. Victory! (Come Forward)


Michał said...

thank you...

Clay said...

This album just does not flow well compared to Undisputed Truth. I mean, there's better songs, but some real lowlights too. I think it's probably his third best release.

It goes The Undisputed Truth > Champion EP > Shadows On The Sun...But that's the way you want it though, growth.

ariel said...

I love this album, just fun to listen to, the beats are crazy.

Big Fonz said...

Good Album!

9@home said...

I agree...

Anonymous said...

Complete opposite.

Shadows is by far the most consistent.

Champion EP: "rainwater", "love on display" and "chainlink", and "self taught" all good ... the rest is either "eh" or "blech".

On the new one, "whatcha got", and "listen up" are probably the worst songs he ever made.

It goes:

Clay said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clay said...

Shadows sounds more like a mixtape than an album

Anonymous said...

Shadows is his best. Shits all over Truth.

(and it is "shadows on the sun")

Anonymous said...

A textdocumentfile?? very funny!

ODDISEE said...

Anonymous said...

Thank you 9ATHOME for the broter ali albums, I love it and i love you (not gay)!!!!!!! Thanks!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What is the james brown sample on "prelude"? Thanks

Anonymous said...

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