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Saturday, July 28, 2007

School Was My Hustle

Kidz In The Hall (2006) School Was My Hustle

Another great album from 2006 that I forgot to post: Kidz In The Hall is a duo from Chicago currently signed to Rawkus Records. The group consists of MC Naledge and producer Double-O.
Check out this review for more info about them. Once again, sorry for the laziness.

1. Hustler's Intro
2. Ritalin
3. Wassup Jo'
4. Wheelz Fall Off ('06 Til)
5. Ms. Juanita
6. Cruise Control
7. Go Ill
8. Dumb*sS Tales
9. Don't Stop
10. Move on Up (feat. Mike Payne)
11. Hypocrite
12. Day by Day

EDIT: Re-upped


Clay said...

Dope album, some Ivy Leaguers in the rap game! Ritalin is awesome. I think Naledge flips that beat on Don't Stop better than Jay did. Wheelz Fall Off is good too.

DJ Pozitiv said...

everything from this album is good!
in fact this is HIGHLY real hip hop album classic but like always SLEPT on...
Props for sharing it here & letting people know whats REAL HIP HOP...

ariel said...

very nice album, and man don't be sorry :P you don't owe anything to anyone, we need just to thank you for your great posts!

Anonymous said...

Another textdocument. two weeks ago Rapdungeon was my favorite blog, but not anymore

Kazeiro said...

Anonymous, I'll explain you the situation once and for all. I'd rather have direct links for the albums like I had a while back, but there are they were reported to rapidshare all the time, and after they're deleted, I can't up them again, I need to change the size of the .rar file.

But with the textfile, even if people report my link, they're only reporting the textfile while the real link is still up, so I just need to replace the text file with a new one.

When someone reports about 20 links at once like it happened a few weeks ago, you'll have to start thinking about alternatives.

And is the textfile thing that hard? You just have to open it (damn you don't even have to download it to your computer) and copy the real link. It's not like you have to wait another hour.

9@home said...

Kaz, I don't wanna give anyone ideas, but if somebody's gonna report your links to RS, they'd have to be real fuckin doofuses to report the one that leads to the txt file... Nahmean? ;)
It's not the most comfortable way of getting the files, but if it helps you keeping shit online, so be it. (And it should still take a little bit of work to get our hands on music. There will always be those who bitch and moan if it doesnt fall into their laps right away.)

But if you need an alternative to check out, try sharebee for a change.

Kazeiro said...

Well, people have reported my .txt links to RS, for example the Percee P was reported 2 times... and the original rar file is still up :)

I'll start using sharebee on the day the RS links are upped on my account.. because the premium points are my only reward I get from the blog (along with the comments and support)

ODDISEE said...

redefined said...

Link is dead.

Anonymous said...

yo if anyone has this album email me asap please...

Mosleysuao said...

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