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Friday, April 25, 2014

Anyone still here?

Just to let y'all fellas know that I'm still alive and listening to that good shit while building my digital universal hip-hop library. The reason from my absence is that I kinda got a life meanwhile (I was like 14 when I made this blog, I bet y'all didn't know about that eheh).
I've just started this facebook page to let you guys know what I'm listening and we'll see where we'll go from there:

If any bloggers or readers from the old days are still here, feel free to say hi, it would be good.

PS: I got some of the collections updated to this very day. I may do some re-uploads if people think it's worth.



cdkg said...

Good to see a post from you. Definitely still here. I'll check out the Facebook page

Kay-Em-Dee said...

Good to have you back! I thought this blog would never come back to live. I'll check your FB page out and I still have a request: Could you upload the Chuck D collection again???

Kazeiro said...

For sure. I'll be back in Europe by the end of the month and I'll re-upload at least my old collections

Daniel Berkh said...


Pedro Linares said...

Zup, bro!! nice to hear back from you. Still representing from Puerto Rico. Take care.

9@home said...

Whassup, Kazeiro. Good to see you're still around.
Just getting back into the habit of posting a little bit on my own now.
Un abrazo.