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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Chino XL cover

Yo, wassup people? I got the Chino XL collection almost ready, here's how it looks, with a few more freestyles to add.

The thing is, I'm not really good in creating covers and I'm out of ideas to it, so I'm asking you RD-fans if you're skilled with designs, please send me an album art.

It must contain:

  • presents:
  • the chino xl collection
  • a pic of chino xl (a cool one, not one of those corny pics of chino flashing his muscles please)
  • creativity

Here's your chance to contribute to Rapdungeons, please send me your creations and I'll pick my favorite. I don't really have nothing to offer as reward, but I have a vast collection of mp3 files with some rare stuff, so I guess I can hook you up with something rare that I have and you're missing. I'll think of something.



isaitrejo said...

you can get me a zune hd, i'll try to make one
i'm not bad

Unknown said...

Check out BIG PUN: THE LEGACY soundtrack and documentary on AOL.

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Anonymous said...

I came up with this my email is hueyflygerian[at]

Anonymous said...

The wait is killing me !

Plastic CD Cases said...

You should go on forums, you'll get some up and coming designers that'll do it for free in there.

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Buller Luxury said...

This is a pretty dope album. Chino is sick. You're uploads are always good Rap Dungeon, keep up the good work.

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JT Guaranteed to Wreck said...


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Rap Music Guide said...

Chino XL got some HITS! Can't wait to see what you got in store

rap said...

you can get me a zune hd, i'll try to make one
i'm not bad

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mrblack said...

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