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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Government Music

Promoe (2001) Government Music

Promoe is a Swedish rapper, and member of Swedish hip hop group Looptroop Rockers. I had an album from him but never payed much attention to it, until I heard Promoe on the european allstar track DIVERSIDAD Experience that made me want to listen to a bit more from him.
Well, after listening to his albums and other tracks I must say that Promoe's flow is one of my favorites of nowadays. This is his first solo album, I hope you like it.
Big in Japan w/Cosmic & Supreme
Prime Time
Government Music
Freedom Fighters w/Cosmic
Freedom Writers
THX 1138
Yes Ayah w/Cosmic & Supreme
Injected w/Cosmic & Supreme
ConspiracyMoney w/Cosmic & Supreme
Interesting Indeed
Process of Elimination w/Timbuktu & Freestyle
Urban Guerilla Warfare w/Akem
What´s That Sound w/Black Fist
Positive & Negative

Oh, and if you like Promoe, stop by and download his free monthly tracks that he'll put together in an album at the end of the year, he's slowly releasing a great album because all of them are good.


Luis said...


Promoe is the shit. I remember when I first stumbled onto his "Lonesome Homeboy" track. That stuff was bananas.

There was this other cat, "Timbuktu", if I recall. Similar style.

9@home said...

One of my favourite albums ever. Very consistent quality-wise. His best solo, packed with really big tunes. Ah, fond memories of blaring this on our combined stereo system consisting of four big loudspeakers (when I was living with my buddy.) We had the best neighbour imaginable. ;)

Anonymous said...


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Brain said...

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Rap Music said...

I liked every single song but 1. Thanks for postin.

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Finally got some of that shit here.

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