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Friday, October 13, 2006

Complete Big L Discography

Lately, I haven’t been around here much, so here’s something for the weekend.

Lamont Coleman or Big L, murdered at the age of 24 back in 1999, is one of my favorite MC’s. He had some of the best punchlines of his time, and is mostly remembered for his freestyle ability, his lyrics were simple, direct, clever and most of them, genius.
He only got two official albums, but here in RapDungeon, I’m posting his COMPLETE discography, including his freestyle compilation, live album, archives, and a bootleg called “Unseen Picture” that contains all his guest spots and rarities. Have Fun!

Livestylez Ov Da Poor And Dangerous [1995]

01. Put It On (feat. Kid Capri)
02. MVP
03. No Endz, No Skinz
04. 8 Iz Enuff (feat. Terra, Herb McGruff, Buddha Bless)
05. All Black
06. Danger Zone
07. Street Struck
08. Da Graveyard (feat. Lord Finesse, Mic Nut, Jay-Z, Party Arty, Y.U.)
09. Lifestylez Ov Da Poor & Dangerous
10. I Don't Understand It
11. Fed Up With The Bullshit
12. Let 'Em Have It "L"

The Big Picture [2000]

01. Big Picture, The (Intro)
02. Ebonics
03. Size 'Em Up
04. Deadly Combination (feat. Tupac Shakur)
05. '98 Freestyle
06. Holdin' It Down (feat. Stan Spit, A.G. & Miss Jones)
07. Heist, The
08. Enemy, The (feat. Fat Joe)
09. Fall Back (feat. Kool G. Rap)
10. Flamboyant
11. Casualties Of A Dice Game
12. Platinum Plus (feat. Big Daddy Kane)
13. Who You Slidin' Wit (feat. Stan Spit)
14. Games (feat. Sadat X & Guru)
15. Heist Revisted, The
16. Triboro, The (feat. OC, Fat Joe & Remy Martin)

D.I.T.C. - Worldwide [2000]

01. Big L, O.C. and A.G. – Thick
02. O.C., Big L and Diamond - Get Yours
03. Big Punisher, Milano - Where Ya At
04. Fat Joe and Big L - Way of Life
05. Diamond, Big L, Lord Finesse, O.C. and A.G. - Day One
06. Milano and Cuban Link - Hey Luv
07. Diamond, O.C., A.G. and Lord Finesse – Foundation
08. O.C. - Champagne Thoughts
09. Big L - Ebonics (Primo rmx)
10. KRS-One, Big Pun and A.G. - Drop It Heavy
11. Fat Joe and Big L - Da Enemy
12. Big L, Lord Finesse, A.G. and O.C. - Stand Strong
13. A.G. - Weekend Nights
14. Big L, O.C. and A.G.- Thick (Rockwilder Mix)
15. O.C., A.G. and Lord Finesse - Big L Tribute

Harlems Finest - A Freestyle History I & II [2003]

Interview (Intro)
Rock N. Wills Audition
Stretch & Bobbito '92 Freestyle
Stretch & Bobbito '93 Freestyle
Stretch & Bobbito '94 Freestyle
Stretch & Bobbito '95 Freestyle (ft. Jay-Z)
Stretch & Bobbito '95 Pt. 2 Freestyle (ft. Jay-Z)
Tony Touch 139 Freestyle
Universal Freestyle
Doo Wop My Niggaz Freestyle
Stretch & Bobbito '98 Freestyle
Roc Raida Mixtape Freestyle
Flamboyant 1
Flamboyant 2 (ft. Royal Flush)
Kay Slay Freestyle
Devil's Son (Live in Amsterdam)
Nigga Please (ft. Stan Spit & McGruff)
How Will I Make It
Final Four Interview

Children of The Corn - Collectors Edition [2003]
1. Intro
2. The Corn - Feat. Cam' Ron, Mase and Bloodshed
3. Give Up The Game - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
4. Biscuts and Bangers - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
5. I Remember When - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
6. Hard To Get By - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
7. Harlem USA - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
8. Harlem Nights - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Big-L
9. Don't Sleep - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Big-L
10. Star Is Born - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
11. Harlem USA (Uptown) - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
12. Fare One Part - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed
13. Fare One Part 2 - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Mase
14. Paint The Town Red - Feat. Bloodshed
15. Doin It - Feat. Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Mase
16. Ill Flow - Cam' Ron & Bloodshed and Mase
17. Dangerzone - Feat.Mase, Big-L and McGruff
18. Six Figga Freestyle - Feat. Cam' Ron and McGruff
19. Bobbito Freestyle# - Feat. Big-L, Bloodshed, Mase, Cam' Ron and McGruff
20. Bobbito Freestyle#2 - Feat. Big-L, Bloodshed, Mase and Cam' Ron
21. American Dream - Feat. Mcgruff, Cam' Ron, Bloodshed, Mase and Big-L

Live from Amsterdam (Oct. 8, 1998) [2003]

Introducing Big L
MVP - Big L
Dangerous - Big L
Size 'Em Up - Big L
Ebonics - Big L
Shout Outs To The Crew - Big L
Devil's Son Remix - Big L
Introducing AG
Themes, Dreams & Schemes Remix - AG
Next Level - AG
Next Level (Nyte Time Mix) - AG
Spit - AG
Speak To The Fans - Big L & AG
We Do That Too - AG
Full Scale - AG
Spit Remix - AG
Soul Clap - AG
Day One - Big L & AG
Acapella - Big L
The Enemy - Big L & AG

The Unseen Picture [2004]

Wake Up Show Anthem (Sway & King Tech) Ft. Chino XL, Doug E. Fresh & AZ
Devil's Son
You Know What I'm About (Original Version) Ft. Lord Finesse
Back Up Off Me Ft. N.O.T.S. Click
Internationally Known (Remix) Ft. OC & Fat Joe
MVP (DJ Premier Summer Smooth Mix)
We Got This Ft. Mr. Cheeks
Yes You May (Remix) Ft. Lord Finesse
School Days
Work Is Never Done Ft. N.O.T.S. Click
5 Fingas Of Death Ft. Diamond D, Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & AG
Alone (Funkyman Mix) Ft. Stephen Simmonds & Marquee
Represent Ft. D'Shawn, Lord Finesse & AG
Clinic (I Shoulda Worn A Rubba)
Still Here Ft. C-Town
All Love Ft. Fat Joe, Lord Finesse & AG
Dangerous (Ghetto Pros) Ft. Milano & Rayvon
Times Is Hard On The Boulevard

The Archives 1996-2000 [2006]

01. Games Females Play
02. Now Or Never
03. Hit It
04. Platinum Plus (Riverside Mix)
05. We Got This (Alternate Lyrics)
06. Furious Anger feat. Shyhiem
07. Deadly Combination feat. 2pac, Notorious B.I.G.
08. On The Mic (Roc Raida Turntablist Mix)
09. Still Here (Hi-Tek Mix) feat. C-Town
10. Ebonics (Remix) feat. T-Rex
11. Who You Slidin Wit (Buckwild Mix)
12. Accapella 1
13. Accapella 2


Gang Starr - Work (Remix ft. Big L)
Big L - Interview and Freestyle (feat. D Flow, Party Arty and AG)
O.C. - Dangerous (feat. Big L)
Terror Squad - Bring 'Em Back (Feat. Big L and Big Punisher)

R.I.P. Big L (May 30, 1974 – February 15, 1999)


bankhead said...

got it all but still it;s dope to see this post.

CosmoRetroIntroOutro said...

this blog is major league!
take a visit at my blog, if you have some sparetime.

CosmoRetroIntroOutro said...

there's something wrong with the freestyle history.

Kazeiro said...

I cuted the "ar" on "rar" by mistake, It's fixed now

BiffReagle said...

best lyricist ever??... i cant think of anyone with better punchlines... RIP

frankboogie said...

does anyone have mcgruff the crime dog rarites?
i have been looking for that forever and still have no luck
mcgruff is nasty and people sleep on him

Eston said...

Major Propz for these, I needed that C.O.C. tape

I also lost all my Big L stash as my pc crashed, time to re-up

thanks once again...

-JL, East Harlem said...

Hey great thing you've done for me here. I'm after a verse by Mase (on a track called HELL UP IN HARLEM on a compilations I have with Big L and McGruff) but this is a goldmine and you're a good human being for putting all this action up here.

Anonymous said...

bro u have the lyric of the song
Wake Up Show Anthem (Sway & King Tech) Ft. Chino XL, Doug E.
plz i really need
if u have send me to my mail

plx bro

Anonymous said...

Hey Kazeiro

You are missing one thing from this collecetion. Its called the "Tommy Gibbs Collection" It had 4 discs and has a lot of Big L's rare recordings. I don't know who its made by but I just found out about it. Heres a link you might want to get on it.

I found the links at…evil_s_Son.rar

Just click the title of the individual cd name.

The Big Sleep said...

It's made by me. I post updates now and then (when I have time or something new) at:


Anonymous said...

Does anyone have Big L- hell up in harlem lyrics? or know where i can get them

Anonymous said...

i found a song that big l is in but i dont know th name.

i know some of the lyrics :

"im in the zone like twilight, nobodys touchin my mic, what i write, is seen on every top ten highlight."

does anyone know what the song is?

Anonymous said...

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